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After I told them what it would take to swim like that, there were the usual excuses like having no time, I sink like a rock, being too old, unfit, untrained , etc. Its great that vinyl is making a comeback and that CDs are ending their domination because its great that Bobby can continue running this business that was once a dying trade. So I picked up my swimming gear and went to the pool. Have a great weekend and Happy Hunting always! The brain tells you that its not worth it, youre killing yourself for nothing, the bus is right there take it! If trading is ultimately to help you to make money to improve your life, then it shouldnt enslave you. Finally, this is me writing this article at 18:20 on Friday in the classroom before we start the Options Trading Workshop for Pattern Trader Graduates at Singapore Shopping Centre.

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The key takeaway from the report is that it fits neatly with the markets latest awareness that the labor market has held up fine despite the burgeoning concerns about the economy slowing. I dont have a number but I am sure it is a significant percentage of our daily life. Economic update ( Economic Excerpts from m) Monday 07 January: ISM Non-Manufacturing Index decelerates in December The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index slipped.6 in December (consensus.8) from.7 in November. . That GDP report really sucked big time and the market has no direction yet again. The pool gave me a new lease on my sporting life. Several participants noted that business fixed investment remained solid despite a slowdown in the third quarter, as more recent data pointed to a rebound in investment spending. The New Orders highest paid fx trader Index increased.7 from.5. Fomc minutes for December meeting released Key Excerpts : Based on their current assessments, most participants expressed the view that it would be appropriate for the Committee to raise the target range for the federal funds rate 25 basis points at this meeting. She was diagnosed with early stage leukaemia a couple of months ago and has been undergoing light chemotherapy and blood transfusions. After all, theres not much else to do when youre swimming. A great service from a great company!" "I had no doubt when it comes to Myfxbook's service. Revolving credit increased.8 billion to 1042.2 billion.

So, whether you're new to online trading or you're an experienced investor, fxcm has customisable account types and services for all levels of retail traders. But thats missing the point completely and I was going to find that out the hard way. November trade surplus AUD1.93 billion (expected surplus of AUD2.23 billion; last surplus of AUD2.32 billion). He was formerly a member of a local band, The Survivors back in the 70s. November Imports -1.6 month-over-month (expected.4; last.8) highest paid fx trader and November UKs December Halifax House Price Index.2 month-over-month (expected.5; last -1.4.3 year-over-year (expected.4; last.3).

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Explore powerful, preloaded tools like Real Volume, Market Depth, and Trader Sentiment. Thats my typical 30-hour life which describes how typical my daily routine is not. Equity market closed flat-to-downside last night to vindicate my opinion that it was a directionless and divergent highest paid fx trader session. sigh* Such is the life of a trader. Italys November Retail Sales.7 month-over-month (expected.2; last.2.6 year-over-year (last.6). . Probably get some of that done early next week. The yield curve remains kinked at the front end with the 52-week bill yield (2.59) sitting higher than the 2-yr yield (2.55 the 3-yr yield (2.51 and the 5-yr yield (2.53). Gawd thats a tacky title. Marathon runners hit a physical barrier at around the 12km mark when the legs are screaming no more! 15:15 On the road again. Multiple Markets, looking For a New MT4 Broker?

Youd have to be a real anti-social loner to be able to trade full-time without any human interaction or external activity in your life. ( I am so so sorry I forgot your name and didnt take a picture with you! With an increase in the target range at this meeting, the federal funds rate would be at or close to the lower end of the range of estimates of the longer-run neutral interest rate, and participants expressed that recent developments. Up.45 Pips Rebate, exness, up.45 Pips Rebate. The Employment Index fell.3 from.4.

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I know a lot of people who get so caught up with trading that it consumes their lives and leaves little or no time for much else. The owner, Bobby Yeo, even recognised me after all these decades. December AIG Services Index.1 (last.1) Chinas December FX Reserves.07 trillion, as expected (last.06 trillion). . Go To MetaTrader. Conversely, the consumer staples (0.3) and health care (0.3) sectors finished atop the standings. Might consider the short again for the European Breakout. Solidary Markets FX, up.225 Pips Rebate, fxPro. The four-week moving average for continuing claims increased by 15,250 to 1,721,250. I spent a session with. It was like learning everything from scratch, getting rid of old habits and adopting new practices. No bank fees for wires, access to exclusive events and product previews.

Which makes me wonder how much time do we actually waste waiting for traffic lights/jams, pedestrian crossings, elevators, airline flights and all the various queues? No oil trade today because the Oil Inventory Report will be released in about 50 minutes. The art of competitive swimming is a science that has to be learnt and practiced. We are part of gain Capital Holdings, Inc. Nonrevolving credit increased.3 billion to 2937.0 billion. At the end of it all there was satisfaction, gratification, vindication and a lot of weight loss without fanfare, hype or recognition except for maybe a T-shirt and a medal to proof that you completed the race. In light of more recent remarks from many Fed officials discussing a more patient-minded approach, including Fed Chair Powell, the view communicated in the minutes highest paid fx trader wasnt altogether surprising. Its like everything happened for a reason except that I didnt know why it did and where it would lead. Volumes are weak and Im not comfortable with the short given the previous days inventory report that crude had a build of only.8 mln which was way short of covering the previous weeks draw of almost 10 mln barrels. . Treasuries extended their opening gains as the stock market struggled at the start of the session, but it wasnt long before equities climbed off their opening lows while Treasuries backed off their highs and spent the remainder. And if you told me that Id be doing sub 1:40s in my mid 50s back then, Id laugh in your face and buy you a coffee. It is stressful not knowing if you will make enough to pay your bills and feed the kids.

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I wondered why I never thought about hitting the water again when I couldnt run anymore. November Current Account surplus JPY1.44 trillion (expected surplus JPY1.10 trillion; last surplus JPY1.21 trillion). How do I handle situations that are beyond my control? DOW seems to be finding support at 25,400 but its still on weak internals; Mixed average volume (nyse 282 mln. December Unemployment Rate.4, as expected (last.4). .

November Construction Output.6 month-over-month (expected.2; last -0.2.0 year-over-year (expected.5; last.1). Sorry to disappoint you but the reality is that I do have a life and trading doesnt rule my life. There will always be another opportunity and better circumstances. Ive done long distance swims many times in my life but only four times in competitive open water swims for two Ironman Triathlons highest paid fx trader (3.8km swim, 180km bike and.20km run) and half that distance in two Triathlons (1.9km. 11:15 Scotts Road tim-sum brunch with two of my graduates. 2-yr: up 7 bps.55 from.48 from the previous week 5-yr: up 5 bps.53 from.48 10-yr: up 4 bps.70 from.66 30-yr: up 7 bps.04 from.97 The flanks of the yield curve. This applies to sport, business, trading, family and life. The Chinese communist party will reportedly set its 2019 GDP growth target between.0 and.5, down from the 2018 target of about.5. Focus on learning to trade professionally and master the skill to trade to trade well.

highest paid fx trader

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You can watch their video at the bottom of this post. Sports and fitness became a slow jog, static exercises and upper body workouts. The Navy Seals have the 40 rule, which means you usually hit mental resistance at about 40 of your capacity and thats when most people quit. By 23:30, Im tired and theres nothing to do in the markets so I am not going to force a trade on a day thats divergent and directionless with no macroeconomic motivation. Up.5 Pips Rebate, instaForex, up.0 Pips Rebate. December Unemployment Rate.8 (last.8) Europe Eurozone December Business and Consumer Survey 107.3 (expected 108.2; last 109.5). . I was in the mood for a long swim so I prepped myself or an Ironman distance swim.8km or 76 laps.

Paybackfx, features, awesome Support, get answers for any query you may have on time. Proper trading should leave you the freedom to do the things you love and still have ample time for the family while the trade works to improve your life. Many have characterized the markets rally to be a technical rally from a deeply oversold condition. Business contacts in several Districts reported robust activity through the end of 2018 and planned to follow through or expand on their current capital expenditure projects. This is a run-down of 30-hours of my life starting on the evening of Wednesday to Thursday ; 30-hours IN THE life orader wednesday 18:45 Singapore Stock Exchange talking to 60 investors and traders about Sector Rotation. The market, however, has benefited from improved investor sentiment that has been lifted by the stronger than expected December employment report, the assurance from Fed Chair Powell that the Fed will be patient with its policy approach, and reports.S.-China. And thats where I get my motivation from. The Prices Index dropped.6 from.3.

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What It Takes To Be Good At Anything 11-minute read, on Monday t about noon, I decided to take the day off and not work or trade. It had been such a long time since my last competitive swim that I struggled at first. A couple of participants commented that the recent decline in oil prices could be a sign of a weakening in global demand that could weigh on capital spending by oil production companies and affect companies providing services to the oil industry. Erase that illusion, that pipe-dream someone sold you. The market is looking like yesterdays session, opening to the upside with no strength and no macroeconomic backbone. 16:10 Starbucks at Tampines Mall to meet up with my IT project partner. That is in keeping with the markets perception of economic matters and threatens to bleed into a slowdown in earnings growth. Unless I am taking selfies of myself pretending to be driving while stuck at a traffic light. Firstly, Id like to dispel any preconceived notions that you might have about this full-time trader thing it is not as glamorous or as nice as many think. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (unch the Nasdaq Composite (-0.2 and the Russell 2000 (0.1) closed mixed, finishing with weekly gains.4,.5, and.8, respectively. But Ive been busier than Ive ever been since going on my own.

The equity market gapped highest paid fx trader up on weak market internals and doesnt look like sustaining its gains. Next trip up.L. The spread on the 2s5s inverted to -2bps. . When all is said and done, there is always one more thing you can. Fortunately, I knew a student who attended my Investment Workshop in 2009 who was a Facebook friend and swim coach, Tang Siew Kwan. November Retail Sales.6 month-over-month (expected.2; last.6.1 year-over-year (last.3). I learnt the hard way that those expectations are a double-edged sword because missing or failing to achieve those targets and goals have only served to deliver disappointments. I dont regard myself as a full-time trader because I have a life and several income streams. Moving around keeps me alive and gives me time to think or clear my thoughts. November GDP.2 month-over-month (expected.1: last.1).

Between the years of 20, I went through a series of operations to fix my gout bunions before they rendered me a cripple for life. It should be about having the freedom to trade when you have a trade and taking the day off if there is nothing to trade. Anyone interested in investing? A.3 increase in the shelter index drove the increase in core CPI, which was offset somewhat by.2 decline in the price index for used cars and trucks. But after recovering, I was still a cripple because I could never again enjoy marathons or even take a slow jog. Remaining Bonus Balance: Claim My Bonus, our Supported Brokers, axiTrader. The monthly changes left total CPI.9 year-over-year, versus.2 in November, and core CPI.2, which was unchanged from November.

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Comments Off on Online Trading: The Obvious Lie Online Trading: The Obvious Lie This is a three-part article on Online Trading: The Obvious Lie which was originally posted. (nyse: gcap) a publicly traded company that meets the highest standards of corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure. Trade with the largest MT4 broker. 13:45 Tan Tock Seng Hospital with my Mom. Thereafter, it was all training and training to perfect the technique. 1 FX broker in the. Thank goodness my partner is diligent and extremely knowledgeable about this project. December PPI.9 year-over-year (expected.6; last.7). . Dow Jones Industrial Average.9 YTD (up for the week.4) Nasdaq Composite.1 YTD (up for the week.5) S P 500.6 YTD (up for the week.6) highest paid fx trader Russell 2000.3 YTD (up for the week.9).S. November Household Spending.1 month-over-month (expected.2; last.8 -0.6 year-over-year (expected.0; last -0.3). November Average Cash Earnings.0 year-over-year (expected.3; last.5) and Overtime Pay.1 year-over-year (last.9). . WTI crude, meanwhile, snapped its nine-day winning streak, losing.9.68/bbl.

IN retrospect That is generally the story of my life when it comes to new challenges and propositions. When Tang saw my Facebook posting on my struggles in the water, he offered to swim with me and tidy up my technique. What do I do to overcome the hurdles? I even refused to cancel any of my classes following the subsequent surgeries. Going to have to think up some other title. I actually enjoy not having an office. November Imports.0 month-over-month (last.0) and November Exports.0 month-over-month (last.0). . Oil production showed no change with production.1 mln barrels per day. The closer you get, the more you realise needs to be done. January Sentix Investor Confidence -1.5 (expected.0; last -0.3). . This is also much of the story of my life a string of events, many of which I had no control over but inevitably had to overcome and become better for. Of 1,044 mln) Decliners outpacing advancers (nyse 970/1920, nasdaq 808/2126) New highs outpacing new lows (nyse 109/30, nasdaq 56/51) Answered a few queries, rendered some assistance to several Pattern Traders online and did a bit of writing (started writing.

highest paid fx trader

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Of 1131 mln; Nasdaq 2057 mln vs avg. And I am sure it isnt what you thought a full-time traders life was supposed to be like. If youre into vinyl, Bobby is your man at Far East Plaza #03-42. The benchmark index came into the session.4 from its Christmas Eve low, suggesting to many that the broader market had gotten overbought on a short-term basis and was due for a pullback. Other currency pairs; EUR/USD:.1461 GBP/USD:.2837 USD/CNH:.7603 USD/JPY: highest paid fx trader 108.51 Bonds: Sideways Week Ends on Higher Note US Treasuries ended the week on a higher note, but intraday action featured a modest pullback from highs that were. Quality family time has always been my familys top priority and none more so than our dinner time which we must have at least once a week. I left the seminar business so that I could slow down and focus on the things that are important to me and to have the time to do the things that matter in my life. Open An Account, or, test drive demo account, ready to learn about forex? 13:20 On the road. The spread between the 5s10s narrowed to 17bps from 18bps the previous week while the 10s30s widened to 34bps from 31bps the previous week. It is even more stressful when youre on a losing streak. Tickmill, up.75 Pips Rebate, gKFX. November Unemployment Rate.5, as expected (last.6). .