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Retention and Disposal Standards: Applications related to individuals granted Fellowships will be retained for 5 years following the termination of the Fellowship, then destroyed. Information is also used for statistical, administrative and career planning purposes. Retention and Disposal Standards: Private decryption keys stored by the CA never expire and will be kept indefinitely. BNP Paribas, credit Suisse, nomura, uOB, jP Morgan. Document Types: Private institutional lenders; government lenders; new housing; existing housing. Document Types: Data base documentation; data requirements; data definitions; data adjustments; data sources; data operations manuals. Document Types : Includes disaster/emergency recovery plans, network and/or data backup procedures, emergency and recovery resources, emergency evacuation procedures, service level agreements essential records policies, notification procedures for emergency response teams, institutional staff, and Senior Executive, or federal, provincial and municipal bodies. Document Types: Central banks; chartered banks; domestic financial institutions; Government of Canada accounts; Government of Canada agencies; international financial institutions; dealers. Record Number: BOC CSD 355 Employee Protection Description : This bank describes information related to the security of specific employees and/or their immediate family members. Document Types: Reports and returns -trust companies, mortgage loan companies, non-financial companies, sales finance and consumer loan companies, affiliates of foreign banks; credit unions. Payments may be issued and made by cheque, cash or electronically, and may involve travel and hospitality claims, education course fees, program payments, isolation allowances, membership fees, awards, ex gratia, reimbursement of overpayments, payments of goods or services, including Banks merchandise. RDA Number: 2015/021 Related Record Number: BOC CSD 406 TBS Registration: Bank Number: BOC PPU 060 Cooperation and Liaison Description: Includes records related to formal and informal cooperation and liaison activities with other governments and agencies, organizations, and academic institutions, to communicate.

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Purpose: Information is used to complete logistical requirements (i.e., accommodation, transportation) and for conference documentation. Retention and Disposal Standards: Records are kept for a period of five years following date of resolution, then destroyed. Retention and Disposal Standards: Records are kept for a period of 16 years after termination of the claim or after last administrative use, then destroyed. Accident and Occupational Injury or illness records are held for 10 years following the date of the occurrence, then destroyed. Securities; Bank of Canada portfolio; provincial, corporate and municipal markets; interest rate futures. Non-personal information may be used to provide reports to senior management about the execution of Bank of Canada's coop Plans. Document Types: See Government Banking and Fiscal Services, Client Accounts and Loans of or Guaranteed by the Government of Canada.

Document Types : Internal employment equity policies, copies of relevant legislation, regulations and policies, review and assessment reports, statistical reports, surveys, and Reports to Parliament. Document Types: Bank for International Settlements (BIS central banks; International Standardization Organization (ISO) -automation standards; Society forex bank positions free database for World-Wide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications (swift). Record Number: BOC FMD 070 Corporate Administration This function is responsible for supporting the sound management of the Bank's human, financial, information, technology, and physical resources and related infrastructure through the development of corporate policies and the maintenance of cost-effective, integrated systems and practices. Examples of information that may be in the records include infrastructure logs that may link an employee's workstation to an IP address, listings of sites visited and information on any transactions conducted, including date, time, duration and nature of the visit or transaction. Consistent Uses: To document the language training needs and accomplishments of employees, to aid in determining the linguistic status of employees and in auditing the administration of official language programs. The coop Program outlines and coordinates the efforts of institutional staff and the implementation of advance arrangements and procedures to ensure that the institution can continue or restart critical business operations within a reasonable timeframe.

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Document Types: Theory; input/output; economic cycles/indicators; history; conferences; consumption/saving; investment/inventories/cost of capital; supply and demand for labour; wages; prices (inflation direct taxes; indirect taxes and subsidies; foreign sector; financial sector; productivity; production functions; capacity utilization; economic potential; income distribution;. Document Types : Request case files (may include written requests for information, request forms, letters of acknowledgement, fee estimates, working notes, news clippings, summaries of analyses, request response package including cover letter and copies of released documents, requests to correct personal. Purpose: Personal information is used to support the payment of financial benefits and entitlements in relation to expenses, fees, claims and other non-payroll payments, and the collection of monies owing to the Bank in relation to goods and services. Records related to the Development Assignment Programs are retained for 2 years after completion of assignments or 2 years of inactivity (no assignments). Document Types: Projections by international organizations and the Bank of Canada; developments in various countries; Bank for International Settlements press summaries; Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The Robot tracks and follows the biggest World Banks such as: Barclays, morgan Stanley, bofA Merrill Lynch, credit Agricole. Record Number: BOC FMD 070 Quantitative Methods, Computer and Data (Sources and Methods) Description: Descriptions of research methods, data construction and computer systems. In some cases, the SIN and other information are shared with the Canada Revenue Agency /Revenue Qu?bec, and are used for data matching purposes -see institution-specific PIBs: Individual Returns and Payment Processing-CRA PPU 005; GST/HST Returns and Rebates Processing-CRA. Document Types: Capital market coverage, household credit; bond markets; equity markets; money markets; securitization; government regulatory bodies; Canadian Depository for Securities; United States Securities Regulations; financial structure and regulation.

Document Types: Balance and recapitulations; government deposits; redemptions; settlement enquiries; deposit letters. Document Types: May include claims, correspondence, and evaluations. Known members of this group include,. Document Types: Production reports; certificate design; foreign issues; printing errors; certificates ordered and distributed; contracts with suppliers. RDA Number: 2015/021 Related Record Number: BOC CSD 340 TBS Registration: 000073 Bank Number: BOC PPU 020 Government Banking and Agency Operations Description: Information on field operations of banking services to forex bank positions free database other central banks and fiscal agent services provided to the Government of Canada. Class of Individuals: Current and former Bank employees. May include information related to legal advice, preparation of legal documents and litigation services. Record Number: BOC RES 086 Interest Rates Description: Statistical information on market and administered rates in Canada and abroad; also analytical material related to Interest Rates, such as analyses of the term structure of real Interest Rates, and of the relationship. It also provides a basis for employee compensation in the institution. It also provides documentation for the administration of occupational safety and health programs at the Bank of Canada, which includes the promotion of a safe and healthy workplace for employees and others, the prevention of accidents, occupational injuries and illnesses.

forex bank positions free database

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Document Types : Includes Review on Official Languages, policies, procedures and guidelines, complaint investigation reports, reports to Senior Management and copies of relevant legislation and regulations. Institutional Functions, Programs and Activities, monetary Policy, the objective of monetary policy is to preserve the value of money by keeping inflation low, stable and predictable. Purpose: Personal information is collected to report and investigate security incidents and to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified, and the risk of future occurrences reduced. It may also include information on the production and distribution of campaign materials; bond production and design, partnership with payroll sponsors and sales agents, clearing and settlement of bond transactions operated by The Canadian Depository for Security Limited (CDS issuance. Personal information may include name, contact information, employee identification number, financial information, travel history, travel claims, accommodations, meals, and preferences. Record Number: BOC MFA 135 Foreign Exchange Market Analysis Description: Information on developments in the Canadian and overseas exchange markets, trading in Canadian dollars against foreign currencies, the value of the major foreign currencies and exchange arrangements maintained by other major countries. Document Types: Deposits and payments processed through client accounts, Bank Act security; Canadian Bankers' Association; clearing; government deposits; Interbank International Payments System; safekeeping of valuables; Bank of Canada accounts at central banks; Bank of Canada gold accounts at central banks; external signing. Record Number: BOC INT 200 Domestic Financing - General Description: The release of general information outlining the terms and conditions of Government of Canada new loan issues. Document Types: Correspondence, compensation surveys, insurance plan directives and rules, copies of internal audit reports, terms and conditions relating to insurance eligibility, premiums, contributions, and benefits, and copies of relevant legislation, regulations, and procedures and guidelines. RDA Number: 2015/021 Related Record Number: BOC CSD 486 TBS Registration: 001597 Bank Number: BOC PPU 035 Relocation Description: Includes records related to the authorized move of an employee from one place of duty to another or the authorized. Xml can be parsed /Read eurofxref-daily. Commerzbank, societe Generale, uBS, bank of America, major banks' fx trade positions copied into your trading account in real time.

Purpose: The purpose of this bank is to provide documentation for administration of official languages policies as they pertain to employees. Information related to the needs for individual development mentioned on the Performance Review and Employee Appraisal Form is also contained in the Employee Personnel Record PPE 810 bank. Manuals Guide - Reproducing bank note images Payments and other clearing and settlement systems Publications catalogue Services for Bond Owners Services - Unclaimed Balances Additional Information Formal Access to Information Requests To make a formal request, mail your letter. The personal information collected includes name, mailing and e-mail address, phone or facsimile numbers of private individuals and contacts within private sector, federal, provincial and non-government organizations, photocopies of cheques if required for refunds, cheque number is recorded in database. Audit information, subscriber agreements and acknowledgements, and any identification and authentication information is retained for a minimum of seven (7) years following the termination of a certificate and then destroyed. It includes completed application forms and self-identification information on employment equity group status, letters, curriculum vitae, complaints and other personal information. RDA Number: 2015/021 Related Record Number: BOC CSD 355 TBS Registration: Bank Number: BOC PPU 113 Public Key Infrastructure Subscriber Information Description: This bank contains subscriber's information collected by the Certification Authority of the Bank of Canada's Public Key Infrastructure. Information may be used or disclosed for the following reasons: to support decisions related to worker's compensation and injury-on-duty leave; as a means of preventing injuries and illnesses and subsequent disabilities arising out of, or aggravated by, conditions of work;. Retention and Disposition Standards: Records are kept for 7 years then destroyed. Consistent Uses: The files are used in the selection of staff, and for reporting and statistical purposes. The bank may also describe personal information about any immediate relatives, including name, contact information, date of birth and death, and relationship to applicant. Consistent Uses: To support decisions on transfers, discipline, and termination of employment.

Document Types: Developments in the United States; projections by international organizations and the Bank of Canada. Deutsche Bank, citiBank, goldman Sachs, aNZ, tD Bank. The electronic copies are kept for a period of 7 years, and then destroyed. Consistent Uses: To record attendance and authorize leave, to support decisions on pay and benefits, such as those concerning leave and termination of employment, and to evaluate the use of leave and rates of absenteeism. RDA Number : 2015/021 Related Record Number : BOC ELS 390 TBS Registration: Bank Number : BOC PPU 025 Legal Services Description : Includes records related to activities undertaken to enable the Bank to pursue policy, program and service delivery. The banks security program is informed by the banks Corporate Security Policy which is based on the Policy for Government Security. Records may include information about the nature, scope, location, costs and type of function. The information may also be used for reporting and statistical purposes.

forex bank positions free database

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It is also used to authenticate decisions on staffing, attendance and leave; pay and benefits including superannuation; training and development; assignment of project work to staff with required skills set, occupational health and safety; official languages; discipline; and. The purpose of this information forex bank positions free database is to ensure that appropriate permission is granted prior to the reproduction of bank note images, and to support the sale and distribution of Photo Reproductions through the Bank's Currency Museum. Record Number: BOC INT 230 International Organizations and Institutions Description: Information on the activities of various international or regional economic organizations, in particular those aspects that relate to world economic or financial issues of interest to the Bank. Retention and Disposal Standards: If no conflict exists, the information will be retained for two years after the employee leaves the Bank, then destroyed. Record Number: BOC CSD 411 Labour Relations Description : Includes records related to relations between employer and employee (through the bargaining agents or units on behalf of the employees) within the institution. If the employee leaves the Bank, or in the case of the death of the employee, the records are held for 16 years after last administrative use. Personal information includes name, date of birth, contact information, physical description, medical information, identification numbers such as employee ID, passport number or drivers license number, financial information, and personal vehicles information. Please refer to our list of completed request summaries. DRI, Conference Board international organizations (e.g. Consistent Uses: The information collected by the Certification Authority will only be used for the purpose of issuing digital certificates and to enrol and verify a subscriber's identity. Purpose: The purpose of this information is to assist the Fellowship Nominating Committee in the annual selection process for recipients of the Fellowship Program.

This information may also be used for audit purposes. Record Number: BOC GSS 340 Retail Debt Products Surveys Description: This bank contains information collected from the general public on their attitudes towards financial product attributes and to different combinations of these attributes. Record Number : BOC CSD 436 Business Continuity Planning Description : Includes records related to an institutions Business Continuity Planning which provides for the continued availability of services and associated assets that are critical to the health, safety, security. Record Number: BOC DBO 280 Official International Reserves Description: Information on Canada's foreign exchange reserves, including holdings of the Minister of Finance, the Receiver General and the Bank of Canada, as well as borrowings by the Canadian government in foreign currencies. However, anything that is required to be done by the designated Minister is done in respect of the Bank of Canada by the Governor of the Bank of Canada. Also included, where applicable, is information concerning military service, including periods and areas of service; and termination of employment, including certificates and reasons for termination. RDA Number: 2015/021 Related Record Number: BOC CSD 416 TBS Registration: 002211 Bank Number: BOC PPE 821 Garnishees Description: This bank contains orders of garnishment and related correspondence. The major series of information concerning these topics is, however, found in other personal information banks described in this chapter. Record Number: BOC DBO 302 Exchange Fund Account Description: Information on the Minister of Finance's Exchange Fund Account, the principal repository of Canada's foreign exchange reserves.

Data are collected to provide a comprehensive picture of Bank staff by designated groups (e.g., women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minority groups). This information is collected on a voluntary basis, and respondents are asked to identify their gender, whether they are an aboriginal person, whether they have a disability, or are a member of a visible minority group. May also include information related to terms and conditions of employment (including conflict of interest deployments, assignments, and secondments, student, professional, and occupational recruitment, as well as information received from or shared with employment agencies. Legal documents, subpoenas, proceedings, records of decisions, witness statements institutional codes of conduct, dispute resolution reports, workplace assessment reports, and mediation agreements. 427 and individuals who seek to access information on the register. Tracks and copies orders of biggest Worlds Banks in real time. Record Number: BOC INT 235, current Analysis and Economic Developments Description: Interpretation of current economic data for Canada and analysis of the economic implications of current economic developments.