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Rumors swirl that he might be offered the lead in a sequel to My Cousin Vinnie. And so that, in me, gave me great concern that his due process rights were being violated. Somehow, the FBI forgot to look at the DNC server before denouncing Russian hackers. The chairman of the Association of German Administrative Law Judges, says that courts are now completely stretched to our limits. Rudyard Kipling, writer The year was excitingthe fiction more so than the fact. Sundar Pichai, fxcast forex broker CEO of Google Pichai then fired Damores sorry ass,423 but not before cobbling together an abbreviated version of the events that omitted some of Damores clear statements supporting diversity.424 Ironically, by dismissing Damores arguments about inherent gender differences. A Modigliani nude sold for 170 million. The Internet Which government agency is in charge of determining what is reasonable or fair? Economists seem to miss every single one, often declaring telltale indicators irrelevant. How software buffs who know that software is duct tape and bailing wire could think that a software-dependent currency is invincible is beyond. He returned to do an interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show.760 Apparently, The Muppets were booked that week. Had them in the 1920s, and Japan had them in the 1980s.

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Novartis is marketing a single-dose chemotherapeutic agent for 475,000:350 living another 50 years? My sense is that we are on the cusp of a phase change. More than 50 percent of white Americans polled by NPR claim that they are discriminated against.443 The FBI reports that white men are the fastest growing targets of hate crime.444 Extremists claim that antagonistic views of whites, men, or the evil. Consider two hypothetical scenarios in a 10-year investment: (A) Six percent nominal annualized gain negated by 6 percent annualized inflation; (B) Six percent nominal annualized loss negated by 6 percent annualized inflation (6 percent deflation). Harvey Weinstein, 2009 Hollywood stars are the most sanctimonious crowd of insufferable blowhards, wallowing in self-importance and convinced that they are indeed forex beanie baby value uk the world.

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The first hint of trouble causes cash inflows to dry up and buying to stop. A feminist campaign is encouraging people to call out all microaggressions.475 A more inclusive model would be for everybody to tell everybody everything that annoys them. Take a look at my all-time favorite chartthe Dow in the first half of the 20th century, when inflation corrections werent needed (Figure 16). (If they figure that out, the Republicans need to take detailed notes.) Although awareness of sexual assault heightened this year, one cant help but wonder whether the beatings finally put on Bill for his misbehavior arent part of the DNCs efforts to purge Clinton rot. I do believe, however, that they did some damage. Lets let what have been called women without vaginas by the lgbt community compete in mens sports. This story was a nice narrative of how the Spartacus wars, headed up by Spartacus (!) grew, fluorished and eventually hit the rocks. Theres a lot to criticize about Michael Pence (particularly for me as a scientist with an attenuated atheist streak but I think he has proven to be a highly effective vice president and right-hand man.

By contrast, they seem unafraid of inflation out of a misplaced 100 confidence they can control. John Williams of ShadowStats has been ringing the alarm for decades, currently putting inflation at 6 percent compared with official numbers of less than 2 percent (Figure 28).193 A study by the Devonshire Group concurs with Williams.194 The most notable. Dave Collum, as King Weird things are happening in the Middle East even by Middle East standards. A: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even more predictably, liberals (including Reverend Al Sharpton) proposed boycotting espn.363 Cant we just all play ball? (a) Transgender wrestler and (b) Iranian womens soccer team. Secession movements moved from Britain to Spain.

The brazenness of the effort shows how far afield central bankers have roamed from their traditional remit of monetary policy. Frontier is where law and order comes from the barrels of AK47s. Previous bubbles always had a great story, something that investors could legitimately hang their enthusiasm. (The GDP has its forex beanie baby value uk own goofy fudge factors, too, like payments by you to you for mowing your lawn.) There is, of course, the fact that every interest-bearing asset requires the system have more money. Damore got a pile of press and some job offers.425 Google got a black eye and may have hermetically sealed its employees into that metaphorical box. Im more immediately troubled by social changes.

The faculty are afraid of the students. Nowadays everybody's crazy." Charles Manson, dead I was in Vegas until the day before the shooting. The best ideas come as jokes. I enjoyed this part. A second definition of volatility is explained in Investopedia:82 Volatility: A variable in option pricing formulas showing the extent to which the return of the underlying asset will fluctuate between now and the options expiration. Yes: that stuff is deflationary. We all saw Hoop Dreams and know how it ends for most of these man-children. Appears to be in a bubblette, an overvalued market that does not approach the insanity of 2007 (detected by statistical illusions as early as 2002).140 Twenty percent down payments have become passé again. Dark horse candidates include Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg.

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Because gold can leave Shanghai but not China, its a one-way trip. Sovereign stash is less than 9,000 tons.) The gold acquisitions of China (Figure 17) show a curious abrupt and sustained increase in activity in 2011. Gold bears are quick to point out it doesnt pay interest. Headline, Investors Business Daily (September) I couldnt care less about market sentiment except to understand how we got to such lofty valuations and how investors have become drooling idiots babbling incoherently about their riches. Hartford municipal bonds are already forex beanie baby value uk junk. United Airlines (not) The shenanigans of corporate America are always a source of considerable entertainment.

I did not feel enlightened at the end. (I enjoyed This Time is Different by Reinhardt and Rogoff and suspect the criticisms of his excel spreadsheet errors to be overstated.) In any event, I was staggered by how enthusiastically he endorsed using the coercive. The Fed and markets seem to interpret low velocity as a low inflation risk. But then disappeared.757 His house was guarded by a bunch of wise guys driving cars without license plates.758 (Seems illegal, but it is Vegas.) It was claimed he was getting surgery, but later the story changed: he went. The chances seem slim to none for several reasons. Nine out of 10 millennials living on their parents couches a year ago are still clutching TV remotes.29 There are now 4550 million Americans on food stamps, up from 14 million in December 2007,30 when the last recession was already underway. Dimon decided it was a prudent time to stfu (shut up) by declaring, I'm not going to talk about Bitcoin anymore. So what are the parts that bother me? After a full year of mainstream media hysteria over alleged Trump-Russia collusion, it now appears as though the Hillary campaign may have been the only one to funnel cash to Kremlin operatives in return for political dirt. I could see womens growth point blankwell inside their personal spaces. Alex Honnold climbed the 3,000-foot of sheer cliff face of Yosemites El Capitan without any ropes or other climbing gear (free climbing).352 The only other guys who tried it are dead. Working this out on his own, but it will be hard for me to believe that.