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New Account Audit. Charles Flanagan International Monetary Fund Managing Director. Hendric Gyan World Bank/Paris Club/British CFP Global Financial Unclaimed Fund Give Away. Francine Brown MoneyGram Office Union bitcoin alternative currency Western Agent. James Hill Western Union Vital Finance General Operation Manager.

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Mark Williams International Debt Settlement Unit Payment Center Director. Olugbenga Ashiru Foreign Affair Minister. Oguguwa Nonso John Western Union Management Agent Victor Lord FBI ATM Card Center Director Ali Baghdadi Mahmudi Madam Rose Nana The Reserve Bank of India Electronic Transfer Dept. David Royal Bank Canada Managing Director Barrister. Harrison Moore Morgan Standard Bank South Africa Auditor General Account Manager. Sattari Alex Dokubo Hon.

forex bureau marina mall accra

Sarah Johnson Airport Authority Customs Protocol Officer Miss Donna Story Financial Secretary. Rasheed Olaoluwa United Bank for Africa International Funds Transfer Manager. Frank David Money Gram Office. Michelle Obama and/or Rev. Godwin Emefiele Central Bank of Nigeria Diplomat John David Victor Okle United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitaria Affairs Diplomatic Agent Francis Egoyibo Office of the Accountant General of the Federation Abdel. Michelle Obama Agent Mark Giuliano Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Intelligence Unit. Richard Martins United Bank for Africa Foreign Remittance Dept. Michael Phillip DHL Express Courier Company Customer Service. Mark William Federal Ministry Of Finance Benin Republic Director John Ladi. Sandra Smith ATM Card Department Head Operational Manager Mrs.

Specimen forex bureau marina mall accra Vzor BG Processing Executives International Coordinator. Godwin Eze Central Bank Attorney Chamber Angela Nurse Rev. King Tony National DHL Agent Mrs. Hillary Florence and/or. Charles Feeney Mercytime Time. Brian Moynihan Bank of America Corporate Office Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet icrc Communication and Information Management Assembly Director Hajia Zainab Abdulkarim.

forex bureau marina mall accra

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Gilbert Geoffrey MoneyGram Director Mrs. Fredrick Chairman Interpol Investigation Fred Robertson and/or. Lyon Patrick Bainbrigge Benin Republique State Secretary to the Minister of Economy and Finance. I've seen scammers playing as US Soldiers overseas who have found trunk boxes of money, foreign contractors who have been given diamonds and gold by someone in the government. . Most of the time the initial email will tell you something along the lines of them having an ATM card in your name, or there is a Western Union or Moneygram payment waiting for you in your name. . Percy John Western Union Director. Fred Johnson DHL Representative. Morrison Anderson Diplomatic. Hassan Koh International Clearing House Compensation Office North Carolina District Finance Director.

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Brian Moynihan Bank of America Corporate Office. France Ubah Western Union Director Rev. Shuks Rammy Federal Ministry of Finance Benin Mrs. James Attah United Nations Panel of Foreign Affairs Secretary Mrs. Bello Mohammed International Remittance Foreign Operations Director. Eric Douglas International Interpol Police Force Unit Inspector General of Fraud Mrs. Jude Kachi ATM Payment Department Director George Manu Hon. Head of Operations Mrs.

Jorge Frieden The World Bank Group Transfer Department. Louis Martins United Nations Dispatch Unit Protocol Officer Joaquim Levy World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer Managing Director. Mike Roland DHL Secure Office Diplomat. Peter Kim Western Union Director. John Edward Barrister James Good Luck Mrs. The most dominant scam on the internet is what is known as the "419" or the "Nigerian" scam (because it mostly comes out of Nigeria, but not always). . Nick Pelletier Western Union Jeh Johnson Department of Homeland Security Secretary Barrister Terry Williams Esq.

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Comey Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Director John Mark IMF Speaker Leo Benjamin DHL Delivering Service Agent. Badarou Soule ATM Payments Centre Director. Raymond Patrick White ATM Office US Ambassador James. Entwistle US Ambassador to Nigeria Marbela Vincent Keith. Hackett John Alvin Special Agent in Charge. Tony Christopher Western Union Representative and/or MoneyGram Money Transfer Honourable. Elumelu United Bank For Africa ATM Department Director. Gorge Otumbba Father Rev. Greg Merson Edward forex bureau marina mall accra Brown mcom Financial Security Company.

Maria and/or Williams Larry A/C officer.T. Zaineb Mousa International Police Association Paris. Andrew Wayne Miss Ukperegbo Tina. Kelvin Morrison Samara Ahmed Abdullahi. Entwistle US Ambassador to West Africa Mrs. Of course, the money they want you to send them will have to be sent to another country (usually in Africa) and must me sent through a Western Union or Moneygram or other money sending service. . Deborah Deon Carrick Bernard JP Morgan Chase Bank Mrs.