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So, do not. And there's also been a refinement of that trick, where instructions are given for using a PC to revive the bricked XBox One. It was also the starting point for the hoax about how to make an XBox One backward compatible with an XBox 360. In reality, typing rm -rf on a Unix system (including Mac OS X) tells your computer to delete all of your files and folders. Do not try this at home or anywhere else, come to that. Apple has installed secret Bitcoin mining software inside Mac. No, Apple really has not included Bitcoin mining software in Mac.

Apple 's Mac Ooes Not Contain

And to find out what an instruction is going to do it's best to read the manuals. Obviously this is not something you want to happen. Reasonably basic advice is that you shouldn't believe what you read on the internet. Given that we no longer use floppies that's no longer going to work but it's the same impulse giving rise to this Apple hoax. The problem with this is that the commands you're given actually wipe the system : Apple's so-called secret mining feature, which 4channers claim has been present in Macs since 2009, can be unlocked by opening a terminal command line. And you really do not want to follow those instructions and wipe your files and folders to find that out. If you follow the instructions given you can then start your computer mining and you will, obviously, thereby become rich. And yes, you've guessed it, those instructions just end up ruining the. The instructions there simply bricking the machine altogether.

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No, Apple didn't include a " secret, bitcoin mining feature" in

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