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At first glance you should be able to tell if the market is trending up or down, or not trending at all. In the course we will teach you how to read a plain price chart and how to utilize the mean value to pinpoint key areas on the chart to identify high probability, low risk trades. Some traders enter their trade in the direction of the 0 line break. Thats all thanks to the development of the internet. A bear is somebody that believes the market will fall, this was derived from the way the bear attacks its opponents.

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Price Action War Room Information Page. Your, forex charts should communicate your analysis back to you, and to other traders clearly the above chart fails to provide any clear analysis. In fact, its about 200 times bigger than the New York Stock Exchange. Surely one day you will catch that 0 crossover that will see the market produce an epic move, but the real question is will you have any capital left by then? You can find out more at the. Weak market movement is indicated by values between 30-0. How does The Commodity Channel Index work? Aroon up is the amount of time (on a percentage basis) that is remaining of the overall period after the distance between the current candle and the highest price has been considered.

If youre an intraday trader firstly have a psychologist on your speed dial and second there is no need to mark so many levels out, you can see them very clearly on the chart even when youre at maximum zoom. Price did break below the Indecision Candle, triggering that Doji breakout but didnt reach the desired target price before falling into a heavy grinding pattern. We map the price mean value on our charts using two exponential moving averages, the 10 20 EMAs. What goes up certainly comes down, but if you have a 3 year uptrend youre going to wait until the sun dries mean value analysis the forex guy up for a down trend to happen. We discourage this sort of trading because it can trap a trader into buying the top of a move or sell the bottom. To put that in perception for you, take a look at the picture below. On the daily chart, the usdjpy failed to hold above the mean value, and an important swing level. Forex trading is a profession and its just like learning any other profession out there, it is no overnight task. Firstly we had a double Inside Day consolidation breakout setup a very powerful breakout catalyst.

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The Aroon was not built into the standard MT4 but may come included with more advanced charting software. This article was intended for Forex traders who want a different way to look at their charts. Common Forex Terminology, before we go any further, part of understanding what is Forex will be learning some of the common Forex language or jargon. Also notice how I didnt go overboard and mark other long term price levels I only marked whats relevant at this point in time to keep my chart clean, and clutter free. I had no real good reason to mark these support and resistance lines on the chart. Peoples perception of the nyse is that its the largest, and most powerful financial market place in the world. In the next chapter we are going to have a look at the history of the Forex market and see how it evolved into todays biggest financial market. I know there are many traders out there who are very frustrated with the task of marking out support and resistance levels on their Forex charts. Mainly because they couldnt remain in control, and were overcome by their emotions. Sounds like the ultimate dream lifestyle, yeah? Lets show you how its done with price action.

This is how I see many traders messing up the process by trying to connect the dots so to speak, by marking multiple levels to get as many candle wicks to line up as possible. To determine strength and stability we map out the trend mean value using the 10 20 EMA. See you at the next indicator funeral. In most cases, traders who are guilty of this are just trying to be over analytical but it doesnt help. In fact, the high school dropout can be more successful with trading than say a doctor, dentist, professor or engineer. The traders concerns may very well play out that mean value analysis the forex guy way, but the reality is this there are always going to be resistance levels above price, and support levels below price during trending conditions. While we understand that the Aroon indicator is for identifying trends and the momentum strength. The audusd has reached the next weekly support level giving no signs of trend exhastion. Next there was a bearish rejection candle off the mean value, and a swing level. Bears generally use their large body weight and powerful arms to knock down is opponent, hence the falling prices.

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Bid Vs Ask Prices When you open and close trades through your Forex Broker, you will be dealing with two separate prices. The use of bulls and bears as metaphors is believed to have come from the early stock market days, when blood sports like real bull and bear fights were common. I generally like to view my charts from a medium term point of view meaning I have the chart zoomed in at a moderate distance. The bearish trades worked out nicely as the overall selling pressure continued to push the Aussie Dollar into lower prices. Do you think youve got what it takes to become a trader? If the Australian Dollar weakness continues into 2015 we could definitely see this market push into new lows.