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Modernizing the Regulation of Insurance The government is committed to a modern approach to insurance regulation that protects the public while promoting an innovative, competitive financial services industry. Attracting and Retaining Major Investments in Ontario Ontario continues to be one of North Americas leaders in attracting foreign direct investment and good jobs. While cptpp supports Ontarios goals of greater trade diversification by providing new and expanded opportunities for Ontario businesses and industries, the previous federal government acknowledged that it would also create challenges for Ontario. Growing evidence demonstrates that student well-being is an important element of overall student success. Ontario already has a strong foundation in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, but many Ontario innovators lack critical IP knowledge to commercialize their ideas and fully protect and strategically manage their IP for growth. Building on consultations across the province, the government is investing 170 million over three years in the new Ontario Apprenticeship Strategy. The Fairness in Procurement Act, which received Royal Assent on March 8, 2018, enables the Province to bring in responsive regulations that would be designed to be in proportion to restrictions and discriminatory actions made by states. The government is committed to help support students across the province achieve better results in mathematics through the Renewed Math Strategy, launched in 2016. In doing so, the Province has overcome many challenges and adapted to new circumstances in this rapidly changing world.

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The Province has taken a number of ontario going global trade strategy measures to improve the sustainability of pension plans and provide Ontarians with the retirement income they need to feel safe and secure about their futures. Marie as a result of investments in new school construction. In October 2017, Ontario committed up to 30 million to the Matawa First Nations Management (mfnm) as part of the federal and provincial governments joint broadband investment of up.2 million to install approximately 880 kilometres of new fibre optic cable to five Matawa-member First Nations. But in 2018, it is more apparent than ever that Ontario faces new challenges. Regulating Financial Planners The government is developing a framework to regulate financial planners in Ontario to help ensure that Ontarians have access to services that will assist them in reaching their financial goals.

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To help increase public access to a safe, reliable and ontario going global trade strategy seamless transit system, the government is implementing initiatives to support a transformational regional fare integration strategy for the gtha. 2 To maintain the strength of the workforce, it is critical that employers have access to the talent they need to grow and compete, and that workers and job seekers have the opportunity to upgrade their. Rapid Transit Ontario is investing in major rapid projects across the gtha to provide fast, efficient and reliable transit. Equitable workplaces are crucial to a thriving economy and society. The renewed JPF will encourage business investments in machinery, equipment and innovation, and protect intellectual property assets.

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The government has begun consulting with stakeholders in shaping the proposed framework, beginning with the release of a consultation paper in March 2018. The government has been working with the sector to ensure that the Accelerator Office will meet the evolving needs of innovative businesses. Although comparing outbound mobility figures is notoriously difficult because jurisdictions often track international education differently, the best available data indicate that Canada lags behind many of its peer countries on the key measure of how many undergraduate university. Accessible description of Chart.2 Saving Students Money through Open Textbooks Ontario is also supporting the creation and development of free online textbooks and educational resources for students to make college and university more affordable and accessible. Carbon Allowance Proceeds Are Helping Families and Businesses Ontarios Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016, dictates that all proceeds in carbon allowances must be used towards initiatives that are reasonably likely to reduce, or support the reduction of, GHG emissions. It also supports growth in skills for women and higher productivity, harnessing womens contributions to the provinces economic prosperity. This temporary measure significantly reduced financial pressures on plan sponsors by providing.4 billion of relief up to the end of 2017, allowing them to protect the important front-line public services they provide the people of Ontario. It provides seed funding for businesses, creates mentorship opportunities with corporate partners, and provides access to corporate advisors and leading researchers. Experience Ontario Ontarios future economy will depend on a highly skilled workforce. These technologies are also critically important to sectors such as advanced manufacturing, ICT and others, helping to keep Ontario globally competitive in these industries. Ontarios Life Sciences Venture Capital Fund Ontario has a strong research and commercialization ecosystem in the life sciences sector.

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The Province is making strategic investments to ensure all regions within Ontario are benefiting from ontario going global trade strategy strong economic growth, creating and retaining well-paying jobs that support local communities. As a result, some businesses and innovators in the province are missing out on significant potential returns from made-in-Ontario inventions. The government proposes to modernize and make changes to the microbrewer definition and the Small Beer Manufacturers Tax Credit to ensure that small beer manufacturers and microbrewers continue to have the incentives to grow and fuel economic development in local communities. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, ended a successful business mission to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Today, Ontario is the largest customer for 20 American states, and is the second largest for another eight. Other Investments in Transportation Infrastructure Investments in Northern Transportation The Province is committed to ensuring that northern residents, communities and industries benefit from efficient and connected transportation systems. For this reason, Ontario is reducing financial barriers for students from low- and middle-income families so they can pursue postsecondary education. Standing Up for Ontario Business and Workers North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta) The North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta) between Canada, the United States and Mexico creates one of the worlds largest free trade markets, fostering integration between national.

Putting a stronger focus on reverse trade missions, bringing global buyers and partners to Ontario and leveraging existing global conferences. Table.4 Examples of Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (gtha) Rapid Transit Projects Project Provincial ontario going global trade strategy Investment in Construction Costs Description Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT).3 billion This LRT will include 25 stations and stops that will. Supporting Regenerative Medicine Since the discovery of stem cells. The program will make it more convenient for seniors, students, persons living with disabilities and others to access essential services within their communities, connect with other transportation services, and travel between cities and towns. Fatima Filippi, Executive Director, Rexdale Womens Centre Closing the Gender Wage Gap In Ontario, it takes women.5 months, on average, to earn what men make in one year. Investing in Schools Over 1,400 student spaces were created. These projects include a variety of economic integration services such as employment support, occupation-specific training, language learning and entrepreneurship supports. It could reduce travel times by up to 60 per cent; attract new visitors, businesses and talent to the province; and is expected to remove more than five million cars from the road by 2041 and reduce GHG emissions by seven million tonnes over the next 60 years.

Business ties with the Middle East are being strengthened to create jobs in Ontario. The Province will begin discussions with the City of Toronto to determine whether Provincial ownership of TTC subway lines could provide better transit services for residents in the gtha, and allow for a better sharing of costs for transit. With the implementation of Ontarios Fair Hydro Plan, residential electricity bills in Ontario are within the range of rates in other provinces and compare favourably to jurisdictions in the United States. The new nohfc programs along with the increased funding will encourage further investments and will continue to help bolster the northern economy. The Indigenous Institutes Act, 2017, was passed to support a new pathway for Indigenous students to earn a diploma, certificate or degree. South Korea (December 2016) Focused on innovation, automotive, manufacturing, ICT and life sciences. The government also supports a fair and efficient complaint resolution system for investors. Sheila Block, Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ontario Office Strengthening and Modernizing Retirement Security Pensions play a significant role in peoples retirement security. Investing in Ontarios Communities A ontario going global trade strategy Strong Franco-Ontarian Community Means a Strong Ontario More than 600,000 francophones call Ontario their home.

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The francophone community of Ontario is the largest French-speaking community in Canada outside of Quebec and is integral to the cultural and economic development of the province. As a result, pension benefits from these plans would be covered under the increased 1,500 per month pbgf guarantee. In 201718, three-quarters of all full-time osap recipients attending college have free tuition, while half of all full-time osap recipients attending university have free tuition. Accessible description of Chart.6 Reducing Red Tape Ontarios measures to cut red tape and develop a more effective and efficient regulatory system have already saved business over 152 million since 2011, while protecting workers and the environment. Stage 2 of the project will build on the Trillium Line (O-Train) and the Confederation Line by adding about 40 kilometres of new rail and 23 new stations, extending the LRT network to the east, west and south. The SIB approach works with service delivery organizations that have the expertise, capacity and scale in providing the required social service interventions.

To ensure Ontario remains a desirable place to live, work and invest, the government is renewing the JPF to help companies create new or expanded facilities, upgrade their machinery and equipment, and improve the skills of workers. In its search for potential locations Amazon identified criteria, including a talented and skilled labour force, open immigration, world-class educational institutions, essential infrastructure, and a high quality of life. Preparing for Success in High School Ontario is committed to ensuring that all students are equipped to explore pathways to apprenticeship, college, university and the workplace. Accessible description of Chart.1, building Ontarios Talent Advantage, this Brampton high school student and teacher are working on a model of downtown Toronto, produced by 3D printing. Supporting a Competitive Tax Environment Ontario, in partnership with the federal government, has worked hard to keep Ontario businesses competitive. The government is committed to ensuring a successful launch of the ccmr, and a key aspect will be transitioning Ontario Securities Commission staff to the new proposed Capital Markets Regulatory Authority (cmra) once it is established. The legislation recognizes that Indigenous Institutes play a unique role in Ontarios postsecondary education system by providing accessible education and training to Indigenous students in culturally responsive learning environments.

The government ontario going global trade strategy remains committed to transforming the auto insurance system to prioritize care for accident victims. The course will enable Ontarios youth to plan and create budgets, develop resources to support the transition into the workforce, make connections with local entrepreneurs and employ effective online research strategies. Supporting Ontario Research Basic research is the foundation from which most technologies and innovations are created, helping to drive long-term economic growth, create jobs and improve living standards for the people of Ontario. Ontario has committed up to 1 billion for strategic transportation infrastructure development in the Ring of Fire region. These include: By 2019, women are to make up at least 40 per cent of all appointments to every Provincial board and agency; and Businesses are encouraged to set a target of appointing 30 per cent women to their boards of directors. Bridge Training Projects in Ontario Bridge training projects are delivered in various regions of the province, serving a number of occupations including health care, information technology, financial services, engineering and the green economy. Providing information about financial assistance at the same time as school applications are submitted reduces the stress and anxiety of applying for school, and will encourage more current and prospective students to apply for financial assistance. This means that students from middle-income families will find it easier to qualify for osap and will receive more financial assistance. Encouraging Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurs NextAI is a Toronto-based accelerator for early-stage startups that leverage AI technologies. Enhancing the Commitment to Modernize Postsecondary Institutions In addition, over the next three years, the Province will more than double the funding under the College Equipment and Renewal Fund with an increase from 8 million to 20 million per year. Oetker Canada demonstrates how strategic partnerships through the Jobs and Prosperity Fund leverage much larger private sector investments in our key industry clusters. To help reach tens of thousands of more low-income Ontarians, the government is making a new investment in important financial literacy services and education though Prosper Canada.

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Feedback received is being considered as part of the development of the regulations to implement the new funding regime. It is estimated that international students contribute over 5 billion to Ontarios economy every year. In 201819, annual funding will increase by 5 million to 30 million, benefiting 22 municipalities, including:.0 million to the City of Windsor for the reconstruction of Huron Church Road from Dorchester Road to Malden Road;.7 million to the City of Pembroke. Ontario must face and overcome these challenges with the same relentless energy and care that it has over the past decade, seizing all opportunities. Through this project, over 1,000 students will have the opportunity to become more compassionate and skilled at working with those with dementia, and will be able to incorporate the lessons they learned into future school and work opportunities, as well as everyday life.

Approximately 50,000 students are currently enrolled in almost 1,900 shsm programs at over 700 high schools in Ontario. Ontario encourages the federal government to continue to support critical transit infrastructure into the future, as part of, and beyond the Investing in Canada plan. In 2018, the Province is investing an additional 784 million in new builds, additions and upgrades to 79 schools. Furthermore, Ontario, along with all other participating jurisdictions, continues to extend an invitation to any interested non-participating province or territory to join the Cooperative System. The key outcomes for the raft pilot project are housing stability and educational attainment. Finance Ministers also adopted a framework to ensure the CPP enhancement remains appropriately funded and managed, helping to protect benefits for future retirees. The Mount Community Centre In Peterborough, the Mount. The ongoing Northern Industrial Electricity Rate (nier) program provides savings of 20 per megawatt-hour on eligible consumption for participating large northern industrials.

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Both programs connect Black youth in the community with mentors to help them build and develop skills in areas such as communication, conflict management and leadership training. This investment will include: Expanding the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (oyap providing more high school ontario going global trade strategy students with trades-related hands-on learning opportunities; Improved guidance counselling resources and local labour market information for students, parents and educators; A new grant to promote pooled. This will improve traffic flow and safety. Ottawa Community Housing and the Carlington Community Health Centre partnered to develop a new building model the Carlington Community Health Hub offering new affordable housing for low-income seniors, and integrating primary medical care and support services under the same roof. Recognizing Indigenous Institutes Ontario recognizes the importance of bridging the postsecondary attainment gap for Indigenous peoples, as well as improving Indigenous access to, and success in, the postsecondary education sector. The Province is proposing to improve competitiveness by: Helping companies commercialize the intellectual property resulting from. As a next step, the government will be investing in the development of Pathways of Care that will support catastrophically injured persons through the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF). Niagara Resource Service for Youth (The raft) The raft is a not-for-profit agency in the Niagara Region that works with at-risk youth and families. Ontario is supporting growth and lowering costs for small businesses in communities across the province. Source: kpmg, H2 Ventures, 2017 fintech 100 Leading Global Fintech Innovators, (2017). For single-employer pension plans (sepps) in the broader public sector, such as those sponsored by universities and hospitals, the government provided temporary solvency funding relief to encourage plans to explore longer term solutions to help maintain their affordability. The project includes the addition of a child care and an EarlyON child and family centre. To achieve this goal, the government will launch two new pay-for-success Social Impact Bond (SIB) pilot projects in the area of homelessness which will assist over a thousand at-risk youth over an eight-year period.