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Also the Spring sty Ic of Hals from the most cclebra- Illarion county that ho still continues to inan- ted houses in the city of New York. G.VR ; IN IS. Russell endeavored to have this civel dis lution of llieL lilted States guarantees to provements, warrantd for one year and kept in all seels has just been again defeated in repair on the most reasonable terms until worn -ut. The powder will I " estof the Courier, and render it still more be sent bv mail free of Postage, for one dollar I acceptable to its thousands of readers in cut. Well, look, sir, for yourself, said Susan Missus made it with her own bands, an hour ago.

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The jury found nommaf damages twenty five renis. Pepsin is not a Drug. S- readily pointed out the persons claimed pleHsinp my cusis ly pointed as his property. They have also, and will We are building a bridge across the keep consteutly on hand, an assortment of Kentucky river, on our railroad, pointing! Solicit tin* patronage of the public in my line. I., w ment, warranting that no man can turn acar-, riage of any kind whatever; and can turn in sup- er ot '.farion (bounty, at the ensuing An- j says it is supposed that he fell into. Threesmall cliildren, and three grown men proposed to furnivi Bullet 'one Of them about sixt wears of age. Of diseased action, and. Uright beam the skies above thee,.s those where last we met. To the public generally. Dearest, never, never; Wuiere eer im earth iny path may be, Like some deep silent river, Flowing ever. Out of the hole, ir!

My friend, replied the captain, if I should suffer myself to le influeretd by your opinion, this young gentleman would never have another opportunity to test the quality of his pistols. Never, never, forex properiety job never, Gods blessing on thee be Tliy life like some glad river, 'i'hat boldly seeks the sea. (Vf/-We are authorized to announce henry. I An old Major, whose embroidered coat I was decorated with military ordeis, and on : whose German physiognomy was depicted I frankness, true courage, and loyalty, who ntered the Coffee House with these hair- braned youths. We invite onr friends and acquaintances to 5 The wheat harvest is at hand posed lo cinpyricism or quackery as any one I always be supplied by the best of proviuder uud Readii Re/ndalOrs can. Insured against I)eath, by lire combined risks of Lire, Water Dlsenses,.c. That Commodore Per I V 1 #V«lflzv». The Major now made the observation that the captain had no second; That is of little consequence, said the English- man.

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Together ufactu re on the most reasonable terms and in lebanon hotel.,1. I 1 J 1 all arders should be addressed post paid the four Reviews and Blackwood lor 830;, ' and. Lippards celebrated Legends of the American Revolution published for fifty- six consecutive weeks in the Saturday Courier, will find these pictures cf French and American History endowed with all the power and brilliancy of his previous productions. Ralboe, as camlidate for Sher- ; and judge between us whether the iiir 01 aiaiioii Loiinly, nt the tmsuing jijougliboy is rtg/if or we arc mrowfl. For any one of the four Reviews' 83 00 or any two do 5 00 X or any three do 6 00 For all four of the Reviews 8 00 For Blackwoods Magazine 3 00 For Blackwood. Istence Try it aud you forex properiety job will never regret. An action was tried on Friday in the New York Common Pleas, brought by the New York and the New Haven Railroad Company against Abbot, a passenger for forcibly entering a car that was locked to get. JL They are nearer to those parts which like Ihe aspen; and we lhou"litwe beheld great agony. Ss you haint, said the ee, but 1 can tell you where they are. In nine cases out of twelve this. His oflice is in Court Tlace.

M.,v 5, (f! His time in New 5'ork, and worked in several, R- R- KELlEr, of the Eastern Cities, as a earriage-body inaKer, The very aioniant it is applied it stops pain, of kind acro. ' i Noveniher 1853 bin. I was a schoolmaster? 1 1 have made him open his mouth. Am I to have that pudding for my din- ner or not! S., of Edin- burg, forex properiety job author of the Book of the Farm,., fec.; assisted by John.

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Northern New York Live Stock Ins. The mercy of the Eternal power. The lieutenant presented his weapon drew his trigger, and the ball passed thro the Englishmans hat. We hadnt tbe heart to refuse her, and with the gravest face possible, com- plied with her request; but often since, we have laughed liearlilv as we have I T,-d«. Said a Reverend gentlcmn to a lady "ey 6 tf arrayed in the depth of fashion. My friend, good evening. Writers OF THE vvesi iciiie.

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The congregation all remained to the af- ternoon service, and at its close more than two hundred joined the church, some from motives of sinccritj, some for the novelty of the thing, some from the excitement, and some. Call it ten, if you please.' And bis proposition was adopted. Silattuck, Flditor and Proprietor. Pws gone abroad that the Black Warrior. I the world; and if any one, in the fullness of theii purse, has any desire to con Liberty of conscience which the CoMsti- would most respectfully*in- form the citizens of Alarion and iieipliborinp counties, that in additioiTltlie slock. Our readcis may rest. J A fOiUlenu i was promiimdiiiir a fnsli- iomil)le 9'1-ejl vvitli a brijlit litlle boy ' at, his side, when ibe liUle Iclhisv called out: '0. Los.ii d strciigtheus and makes sound ' ocate, cotldjlionally, to the best of oiu ability, this truly beneficial enterprise and solicit the pen. T «il)c illisscs Srlbn H receive boarden, by the duy, week or month. Well done, resumed the young imper - 1 tinent, I have gained something, however. Smug- ' gins, laying her head gently on his ariii, j we had ill -words today; I hope they will sever happen again. AAUo a variety of boy's over-coals. S as a certain cur" lor every ill has been enged at_ his business for several tlmtll esh is heir to, un i decrying all other.

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Sinuggins, that you entered into a certain compact to obey me, -said her shame fully deceived loi'd beatiug the devils tattoo, ou his best car- i pet. S Rhsumatism, Nsuialcla, Lumbago, Tic Doloreux. The British Periodicals Re-published are as follows, iz: The London Q larlerly Review (Conserva- tive The Edinburg Review (Whig The North British Lfepifip (Free-Church The VFes/minifer /feeiew (Liberal and Blackwoods Edinburg Magazine (rory). 'The advance works of Hango, in the Baltic was bombarded and destroy-. It was per- haps lucky fur her that the door was on her side, and had been opened expressly for her, by Susau. Some three cases have occurred in this couiitT, and but one Telegraphic. Cri/rples Leap for Jay! In ' particular' its Treedom from grease makes it lar preferable oil the s-ore of iiealuess, ae an application to the.tving lately purchased the aiid liuniaii skin, formerly occupied.Mr. So so zealously advocates, a vast deal of what pen can describe their anguish?!, r- i i, - ' I good.

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Ed the pipe from the hand of the stranger, to select a spot where their quarrel must und dashed it to pieces on the floor; a J piece of wit which hiscompnions applaud- ed with shouts of laughter. To thee each lender thought is given Hound thee each sweet liope wreathed, And oft, for thee, to heaven. And, no sooner ceded to 'Russia parents, and all again was still, their grief was too forex properiety job deep for utterance. It will be handsomely illus- trated with 12 fine engravings, and its startling incidents cannot fail to elicit un- divided praise. T herefore, cnlartfO Ittifin this nreni the charge ' oHst _a_nd » : Dislu convinced (It.-U (fte penp.