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Please see the disclosure for more information. Domainite pays ridiculously low rates, but may be somewhere to test the waters. To become a Sibia Proofreading Editor, a strong academic background is a must (those with a PhD are preferred!). Scribendi asks for 3 years experience and a university degree. An editor can make suggestions to improve your document and a proofreader will make sure it is error-free. If youre ready to jump right in because you know you have what it takes, be sure to take the free General Proofreading Practice Theory Workshop. Where can I find online proofreading and editing jobs? If you know what makes a piece of writing good and have what it takes to help all writers become their best, you will fit right in. McGraw-Hills Proofreading Handbook is a must-have for any aspiring or professional proofreader. With so much content being written, it only makes sense that online proofreading and editing jobs have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years too.

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If you don't have experience or references, offer proofread work at home jobs to proofread for free for a few clients to build up your reputation. You dont necessarily need a desktop. Proofreading is the final step of reviewing a document and requires reading it word for word to make sure no spelling or grammar errors exist. This includes bloggers, small business, and large brands. You'll need to know the right places to look online, along with having the right combination of experience and education. Scribe Writing used to be known as Book in a Box. Most proofreading work is done on a freelance or contract basis not all, but most. Cactus offers specialized editing and proofreading services and likes their freelancers to have a PhD/Masters/Bachelors degree or expertise in one or more specialized subject areas in physical sciences and engineering, healthcare, life sciences, medicine and surgery, or social sciences.

Dont rely on Grammarly to do your job. You dont need special training for proofread work at home jobs any of these style guides (though training is always available). Pay rates vary based on the turnaround time and number of words to be edited. You need a working computer or tablet, an internet connection, and thats about. Check out The Pocket Book of Proofreading which shows you how to start a freelance proofreading business without any experience. Everyone that produces content may have the need for a proofreader. What makes proofreading ideal for working from home is that it can most often be done remotely, using a laptop or tablet. You can still work for companies as opposed to ding all your own marketing, but your business is considered self-employment.

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All of their editors and proofreaders must pass a 20-minute test to start the application process. You can also discover companies that work with remote proofreaders by searching on the internet. Its time for polishing and getting ready to publish. It can also be performed on a number of devices. Dropbox is another great option for sharing documents with clients who prefer to use Word or another document form. Its also highly recommended that you get familiar with AP Style, and if anything youre doing might be in an academic setting, youll need to study MLA format, APA format, or both. Great colleagues (connect with some of the worlds top English proofreaders). Many companies need help proofreading their websites, and they will use online job listings to find that help. They take 10 of your earnings as their fee for using their service. Edit 911 is looking for those with an English PhD. They charge clients.02 per word. Pretty much any legitimate company hiring proofreaders will have an editing test (if not several tests) that potential new hires will need to pass.

We hire part-time and full-time proofreaders who demonstrate superlative proofreading and editing skills. You might be able to transition easily into project management or account management, or even get involved in academia or the traditional publishing industry with everything they have to offer. Hello Essay has an army of editors ready to edit these and other academic essays to perfection. We're just making sure you are a true proofreader at the core. Sapling, apply to Join Agencies. You will need a Masters/PhD/postdoctoral research experience proofread work at home jobs in addition to academic editing experience and be a member of an acclaimed editing association. Editors need to register, submit a resume, and pass an editors test to get started. Dash occasionally hires freelance copy editors. Many professional organizations and content mills follow. Youll learn a lot about monetizing your proofreading skills, including the three important factors needed to find long-term success. Its well worth the small investment and you will find leads for all types of work-at-home jobs. How to Qualify to Be a Proofreader One important aspect of landing proofreading work, especially if you want to be hired by a company rather than freelance clients, is the editing test. Plus, if you Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial, you can read this book (and thousands others) for free for 30 days.

proofread work at home jobs

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M doesnt list any experience requirements, but you will be required to complete a 20-minute proofreading test. Proofreading is one of the great online jobs that can be done proofread work at home jobs from just about anywhere and on just about any device. If you have a special niche, such as understanding a foreign language, you might have an easier time finding jobs at these sites. But proofreading can also open the door to lots of other types of work, too, if youre interested. You will rarely be offered an hourly wage. Its kind of like a marketplace of editors and proofreaders where clients get to choose who they work with. 1062shares, share, pin, if youve looked around for information on working from home, youve probably come across quite a few proofreading jobs.

proofread work at home jobs

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However, these jobs aren't easy to come. As with many online jobs, proofreading pay rates run the gamut from very little to very lucrative. Hello Essay In case you didnt guess by the name, Hello Essay is an editing service for essays. New assignments post at 6PM EST. Much of it, you can learn by getting a proofread work at home jobs copy of each manual and finding free training online.

proofread work at home jobs

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Pay starts at 20 per hour. If you want to be a career proofreader, you can. The free version will allow you to check WordPress and social media, but you will need a Premium account for MicrosoftOffice products and Google Docs. English Trackers English Trackers hires expert academic editors. Lets take a closer look. Youll learn three important factors that lead to success as a work-from-anywhere proofreader! The best way to prove yourself is with your testimonials from proofread work at home jobs happy clients. It can even make suggestions for sentence structure and that writing style we discussed earlier. Otherwise, you may need to be ready to spend a lot of time looking for a remote employee position there aren't that many opportunities there for employees compared to independent contractors. Is Proofreading a Career?

If you pass their proofread work at home jobs application process, they'll send you work that fits your credentials. The requirements are high. Book In A Box, from time to time, Book In A Box will have remote Editor positions available. If you want to freelance, youll be actively marketing yourself. How Flexible Are the Hours for At-Home Proofreaders?