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29/7/15* I talked on the phone to Paula Hannula, her phone at work:. . Ville has drunk at least seven large bottles of Whiskey and Jagermeister since arrival; this will only get worse; he knows he will die young if he does not reduce or stop this. The policeman and I both wondered if William might be in Finland, he is checking airport records. Hard to feel sorry for Seppo. . I saw a movie The Girl That Played With Fire. I told Psych Tomi that I need to show him the Dictionary definition of four words: Possible; Impossible; Cant Wont. . Mikael was building an Aeroplane, well he was giving it a go anyway, lumps of wood etc. . 28/1/13* As I was on my way to visit my Father in Hospital I sent my ex wife Kaisu a Text, I said This next hour may be the last chance William Mikael have to speak to my Father, will you help? . Osoite: Rinka, ferramenta do forex do gcm dos estoques do tempo forex fi matkailu nain rahanvaihto helpottuu vaihda valuutta; Valuuttakurssit, forex form1. Antti baked a beautiful Cake, time out of mind I have not eaten Cake with sugar added I ate a small piece, and it was good. .

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I tried to get her to sign a Statement saying that the Natures Way Protein Powder and Natures Own Childrens Vitamins that I mail to Children will not hurt them if they eat it, she agreed that. 27/7/11* I phoned Rauli Salonen he is the Espoo Policeman in charge of the current Investigation of Psych criminality towards my Children. . Tilaukset on tehtävä pari-kolme päivä ennen matkaan lähtöä, esimerkiksi valuutanvaihto. Hotelli turun keskusta says. If it is true I want William to stay in this place, until the Psychs give him back to me or a Finnish Family member. An attractive blonde Lawyer talked to me from behind a sheet of glass. I was given permission to sleep over! Hiusammattilaisia kouluttava Raija Kara peränkuuluttaa valuutanvaihto starta företag usa. Pekka; Kylliki and I visited William and Mikael between 3pm and 4pm at Tirlittan. At 3 pm I had a meeting with my Human Rights forex oulu keskusta friends Ole, Pekka Matti. The others just kept issuing demands threats,.g if you walk past your son Williams Home, you cant see him anymore; if you tell William we are doing bad things to him you cant see him anymore. .

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The Psychs promised to consider ending the drugging of William, and promised to consider allowing my Children to eat the vitamin supplements I mail to them! . We played on the edge of the Lake, there is a mat of decomposing vegetation on the waters edge its almost solid but has water underneath it, you can jump up and down. . 19/8/11* Malmi, five Train stops north of Helsinki. 29/07/17* I dreamed Kaisu and I went to a Cold Chisel concert. 11/7/13*.50pm Finnish time. . (b) Did you know that I have been asking Finnish Psychiatrists, Psychologists Social Workers (Psychs) for more than ten years if any of them have ever made any attempt to return my Children to me,. Antti also said that Mikael visited his friend at Kerava today, twenty kilometres away, I web searched Kerava and its roughly twenty kilometres from Herttoniemi, so Mikael is not away on holidays! I gave my Children the Pakketeja (Mail Packages) William and Mikael lost interest in their games and sat down on a log in the garden, it took them five minutes to open them (well wrapped) inside were the usual Toys; Books; Computer Games Food. I push my way through the Que at Warsaw Airport, 15 minutes to spare! Tapio said that Jukka is taking orders from Rauli on the Investigation. . I walked to the historical part of the City Old Town, its a sort of medieval fortress and bought some breakfast at a cafe, the price was less than half the cost of Helsinki. . The answer was.

As a matter of fact I said almost nothing, except to my Children and Tero. I submit this evidence to the reader as proof that Corporate Fascist Psychiatry in Finland is above the Law. 16/10/15* Two days ago I attempted to phone my William Mclachlan via Minna Willman-Hietala 358(0) minna. 21/6/11* Psych Essi Vahala from Lauste tells me that I have already used my one allowed visit phone call to William. I Moved into my nice little Room at the Bible School in Kauniainen, its only a 1/2 mile from Tirlittan Childrens Home where William lives. . Paula said Mikael did not want to speak. 4/8/11* William wants a lime green Bluetooth mouse for his Sony Vaio Laptop. I love my children. . 31/3/12* ilmaria Psych Nurse answers phone after forty two Phone calls, she says William is at the Shop. . Herttoniemi, six Subway stops from the centre of Helsinki. . Big mistake to talk to these people, they never wake up or take responsibility, makes me angry, they use my anger to press for further restrictions on my ability to communicate to my Children. 14/4/16* It is morning and I am looking Kaisu in the eye for the fist time in seven years. She asked if I still thought William didnt need medication, I said my view is thats what caused.

And filmed me with his Camera from the window I forex oulu keskusta would of filmed him too but my Phone would of got wet. . Today Ole told me on the phone that the Mail I send to him to give to my Children he now gives to Kaisu. . Armed with such a Statement perhaps the Corporate Media would be forced to at least begin attacking me! . We talked a little while, I gave him a hug and he continued on his way, he didnt want to hang around because he knew if we were found out the Psychs would use it against. Siksi ne menevät useimmiten rikki ensimmäisenä. I leave a cheap Printer at the door a gift for William, I was using it for my Laptop. Interesting how complete strangers have a Passport for my eleven year old son, a passport that I have never seen and Custody without a Court Order. . Everything these bastards said to me was like a red rag to a bull,.g I made a request to take my children to the local park for one hour on Wednesday (unsupervised) which was denied. It was nice to talk to Mikael!

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Those illegal (without Court order) foster parents are so kind to me! 26/9/15* I dreamed: I kissed Kaisu on the cheek, she spat in my face. . If the USD/CAD exchange rate.0950, that means it costs.0950 Canadian dollars. I phoned Karen and asked her if she would drop the slander complaint; she said she would think about. I sent a Text no response. . 06/09/17* Tero met with William!

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The applicant will need an original copy of theirs, and their fathers Australian birth certificate; passport photos; and a completed application form. I pressured him to agree to unlimited phone contact, so he hung. . Just me William and Psych Tomi. . Four hours, seven minutes one second. I said the following things as witnessed by the above Audience: I am going to tell you something important Kaisu, I want you to write it down so you can remember in years to come. Currencies Stockcars forex trading investment lose money quickly than right. Just use our Calculator crross its simple! I gave William a 100 Euro note, he said he didnt know they made money so big. .

I told Septic that I would spit in his eye, but it would dirty my spit. Its Sunday, I hear nice song and step into an old Church, beautiful inside, an old lady tells me to take my hat off. . Tulokset Valuutanvaihto Helsinki kaupungissa; asiakasarvioinnit, hinnat, kontaktitiedot ja yritysten aukioloajat hakusanoille Helsinki Valuutanvaihto. Forex valuuttalaskinForex Rahanvaihto forex rahanvaihto helsinki Lentokenttä - forex oulu keskusta Älä jätä matkavaluutan vaihtoa lentokentälle Kuningaskuluttaja. Kaisu has still got great curves, but developing a spare tire, shame but predictable. The only other chance I have against Anu Kuusi is to get another Psych to (a) suggest to Anu that the drugging of William be stopped (b) make a criminal complaint about her. . I told him I had Statements in my bag in which the above Psychs admit to Crimes against my Children. So, either Psychs are lying (what a surprise that would be) or they are doing bad things to my Children when I am not around (what a surprise that would be clearly the Psychs are doing both. And they can take him to other Countries without my permission, and all this without me having ever been convicted of any crime.

forex oulu keskusta

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There were his wife and three young sons age 1, 2 and 6 (cute) and a teenage stepdaughter (pretty). . Mikael wanted nothing, do these Lawyers shower him with forex oulu keskusta gifts? He was attempting to terrorise me into buying him an ticket to Finland. Apparently Septic thinks I can be trained like an Animal, Psychs do study rats you know! He told me that he lives in Ilmaria-Juankoski with William, and before that he lived at Ilmaria-Säyneinen with William. . Last night, just before I fell to sleep I saw Williams Spirit being sucked into outer space.

14/8/11* 4pm, blue Skies. . 21/4/16* Today I saw Timo Soini (Foreign Affairs Minister) pull up at the front of the Ombudsmans Office in a Mercedes Van with two bodyguards I talked to him for five minutes, he promised nothing. I have been demanding the landline phone number, which I know exists. If William is still in Australia, I would say this to you Kaisu: it appears to me that William now has three choices (a) live on the streets or in prison (b) learn to be kind. I asked Septic if he thought I would of got a better deal in Nazi Germany, he hung up on me! . U know nazism is common here n if they decided something like this is very hard to change some principles or turn heads that run the system.

Jos olisin forex vaihtanut saman summan euroista bahteiksi. 7/7/11*.20 pm Pelastakaalapset or Save The Children Finland, Tiukula House Koskelantie 38 Helsinki 00601. . Read more Forex Rahanvaihto Kortilla : Paras valuutanvaihto Maksaako valuutanvaihto? Longest day of the year. . Valuutanvaihto lentokenttä Helsinki-Vantaan lentokentällä on useampi valuutanvaihtopiste, joissa voit vaihtaa valuuttaa suosituimpiin valuuttoihin suoraan, ja harvinaisempiin tilaamalla etukäteen. I couldnt use an ATM because I never bothered to set up a PIN. . This adds weight to my theory that Australia spends less taxes on psychs than Finland. We shared the Bus to Juankoski. . International trade and foreign exchange, rEAD more, forex Bank aukioloajat.

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Mikael was still getting a laugh out of that rubber porsu (pig he sits on it, wacks people with it, there are so many ways to get a different noise out of that porsu and it always. He lives about an hour outside Helsinki, in a semi rural area. . Jukka took my Passport I avoided this on Mikaels birthday and the day after, Ole and Pekka were with. Psych Tomi denied that he pushed me at the second last meeting. He said he wants the story but is afraid of being sued by the Medical Industry. a n d must be spaced in Kindle comments or it becomes and. Rating by broker forex on April 21, 2016: A round of applause for your post. He wants to join asio, I hope can talk him out. M (average rate since the opposite rate calculated. I am looking for Nutritionist Leena Virtanen she once recommended William be given the Australian natural dietary supplements that I mail to the Children that Anu Kuusi wont let them have! . We also kicked the soccer ball and picked tiny forex oulu keskusta wild strawberries from large bushes in the garden.

I gave them a tongue lashing they will never forget which achieved nothing. . 18/1/10* I am in Brisbane. I talked on the phone to a Psychiatrist named Sirkka. Any exchange rate (audcad for instance) that does not involve the USD is considered forex up down indicator cross rate. The meeting ended fifteen minutes early (2.45pm). . Ole and I gave the Psychs heavy and accurate criticism, they had nothing sane to say in response. . Rauli said forex oulu keskusta that Espoo Policeman Jukka Helander is responsible for the Investigation. 11 am William, Mikael Saami came to pick me up to take me to the Summer Cottage for an overnight stay thats right, even Childrens Homes have Summer Cottages in Finland! . I asked Antti to give me his normal phone number, I said that I was unlikely to call more than once a week and we would soon work out a mutually suitable time, besides I might need to call sometime for an important reason. . Valuutanvaihto jatai Hem exotiska alternativ nringsidkare ln Forex grundlggande nyheter Forex skringar. Monday 10/8/09* I went to the Helsinki Prosecutors office these people can order a Policeman to investigate a crime. . William is drugged like a Zombie, we kicked the soccer ball a little. .

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They also said that William has accomodation somewhere, but he does not want me to know where. One Psych Antti Paula were watching us yuck! I forex oulu keskusta got off at one stop before William at the Hotel and he went to the Childrens Home. . My son Mikaels phone did not answer, maybe tomorrow. . Forex Mikonkatu Mikonkatu Helsinki Aukioloajat: ma-pe klo 9-20, la klo 10-18. 3/5/11* The Psychs have refused to give me Williams location or phone number now since 25/4/11. Septics response I rang the head Social Worker and she said you can only see the Children at Tirlittan three times a week for two hours a time. 24/7/14* Mikael said Kaisu William visited his Home (Anttis Home) last week. . I find the language and culture enchanting, little things like the Moomin Trolls. I played a computer game called Worms, I was only allowed to press the button once each round before Mikael or William snatched it from me lucky, I was a bad player anyway. .

Wednesday 15/7/09* Lunchtime, I have a meeting at the Cafe in the Helsingin Rautatientori (Helsinki Railway Station) with Matti Virtanen who has a Current Affairs show with YLE TV show. Tuesday 21/7/09* I went to the Oikeustalo today (Helsinki Courthouse the address is Porkalankatu. Äiti means mother and Isi means father. I would have her grow her hair a little. . I am not allowed to visit Mikaels Home no Judge no Jury, just Psychs. . Friday 10/7/09* I awake at 5 am with food poisoning sometimes the pain is so bad I want to die. . Ilmaria hung up. They fed me chicken and rice vegetables I thought forex oulu keskusta it was better than the trash they fed me the day before. I am banned from Tirlittan, but manage to give the Children a hug and a 2 Euro coin each on the way out. The Card has links to my Book, Website and contact details of two of my Childrens carers.

forex oulu keskusta