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If science is your specialty, or if you'd at least like it to be, a career in the life science field may be a great fit for your next line of work. Nonetheless, many roles within administration will require applicants to be educated up to degree level and figures indicate that almost 20 per cent of secretaries and administrative assistants possess at least a bachelor's degree. Administration Job Salary Information, statistics show that the average administrative clerk earns a wage of C20.19 per hour. Administrative jobs are vital for the smooth operation of businesses and as a result, careers in administration are considered a fairly safe long-term investment, as demand will likely remain high. Indeed, many admin jobs do not require any sort of college or university degree, making this a viable career path for a wide range of people. Indeed, current projections suggest that the number of people employed in administrative jobs will continue to increase over the next 10 years, with higher demand for computer systems administrators, secretaries, administrative assistants and office clerks. Beyond this, responsibilities typically include recording and analysing information on staff turnover rates, co-ordinate maternity and paternity leave when required, and acting as the overall public face of the human resources department so that employees know to whom to turn. However, if you wish to be a research scientist, it's usually necessary to continue your schooling by pursuing a master's degree or getting a doctorate. There is also much investment into the life sciences industry that also positively impacts job creation. It's also suitable for those looking for an alternative career in the life science industry that offers a greater amount of responsibility.

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For many organizations, administration roles are vital and employees working within administration carry out a number of essential day-to-day tasks in order to keep a business running. Statistics from the National Careers Service estimate the number employed in this sector to increase at a steady rate of approximately 3000 per year between now and 2020. Analysts say the amount of new job creation for life sciences professionals will be slightly stronger than average compared to other professions. When a company is particularly large, this department will report to a senior HR Director. Financial Administrator - C38.46 per hour. That's good news for people interested in getting into the field for the first time. Report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, more general search results: Report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report Ad, report. Teaching in a university level environment is one career opportunity you can pursue if you decide to do post doctorate work. Various different jobs fall under the administration umbrella, with examples including: admin assistants, office coordinators and data entry clerks.

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Specific job tasks vary based on the position, but many oversee other members of the administration team. HR Director Jobs Overview, in any organisation with a significant workforce, the need often arises for employee management. There are also specific organizations you can join, such as the Canadian Society for Life Science Research, plus province-specific options, such as the Life Science Association of Manitoba. Examples of median hourly wages for other administration jobs include: Network Administrator - C28.00 per hour. Life Science Job Overview, if teachers in high school always praised you for having a clear understanding of science, monster jobs working at home human resources you may be a great candidate for a life science job. Life Science Job Salary Information, the average wage for people in life science jobs is C32.45 an hour. Life Science Job Market.

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monster jobs working at home human resources